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We are creating a platform that is unapologetically Black pursuing the Black cause for Black Men.

Black Men Who Blog

About Us

What we do is simple. We do everything we can to make sure that we are not taken for granted. We hold society responsible for the neglect we’ve experienced. We support the development of our young brothers and work towards building a brighter future for them.

Let’s work together to create something we all would be proud of.

Why You Should Join Us

Being a part of the Black Men Who Blog Community will put you in the midst of of your brothers who are working together to change the narrative of the Black Man and create a new history that our future generations will be proud of. We cannot build this community without you.

A Big Thanks

Shout out to our very first Black Pathfinder Changa Bell of Black Male Yoga Initiative for giving our young CEO the time to chat. That conversation changed a lot of things for us. 

A special shout out to our new advisors/mentors, Ishmael Philip of CTRL LA and Krystal Henry of Around The Way Mom for taking the time to be awesome destiny helpers.

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